Ordering Info

If you're here, you've probably come from Columbus Farmers' Market, where our store is located. If not, let it be known that we currently do not have a conventional automated online store at this time; we generally sell only in person or with large orders by phone. I simply don't have the bulk storage layout to allow me to reliably and quickly ship small items out on demand at this time, but I will gladly drop ship orders $250 and above from any company I have an account with, and I will also gladly send out small items by mail when I do have them in stock- But you must speak to me first to see if I have it! It's just me and my husband running this whole thing. Shipping is always billed at cost, we do not profit on shipping.

We cannot drop ship to P.O. Boxes, as UPS or FedEx handle our drop shipped orders. Little stuff will typically travel by USPS, and therefore to P.O. Boxes.

If you are a local business, we might be able to work out a delivery schedule with you; for instance, if you know you want a case of brown jersey gloves and two boxes of respirators regularly once a month, even though this would not typically be enough cost to include freight charges, we would be glad to tack it onto our regularly scheduled restocking shipments and drive it to you for a much smaller fee than direct shipping would accrue. Similarly, if you would like to order a small item infrequently and are either not in a rush or do not wish to pay individual shipping charges, I'll also tack that onto my regularly scheduled inventory replenishments, with a down payment, for pickup at our store.