Available Specialized Gloves Heading

I regularly carry upwards of forty varieties of glasses and goggles in my store, but many of them come and go. Listed below are the models that have proven to be the favourites of my customers that I always have in stock:

ProVizGard Fuse Glasses


Z87.1+ polycarbonate
Value priced line, multiple colours available
$4 / pair, $33 / box
Crews Law2

Crews Law2

Z87.1+ polycarbonate
Clean, angled look
$6 / pair, $55 / box
ProVizGard Goggles

Challenger Goggles

Z87.1+ polycarbonate, foam cushioning, elastic strap
Adjustable length strap, open cell foam provides a skintight fit
$10 / pair, $100 / box
ProVizGard Synergy Readers

Synergy Reading Glasses

Z87.1+ polycarbonate
Bifocals, available in many magnifications
$10 / pair, $80 / box


Z87.1+ polycarbonate
Bold, black frames and a variety of bright, mirrored lenses
$15 / pair, $150 / box