About Us

Lionsgate Glove & Safety is incorporated, and our tax ID number is available upon request. We operate on integrity, and we're not here to upsell you to the most profitable thing we could conceivably sell you- we'll do our very best to set you up with the most well-suited equipment for your job at a fair price. Our customers return to us again and again because they know they can trust our advice; we want your repeat business for years to come, not to screw you out of your money with a one-time sale you'll be disappointed in. We also have the perplexingly rare quality of answering honestly when we're unsure- if we don't know, we tell you we don't know! We won't give you crap.


A Brief History

Our company started out of our own want for reasonably priced safety equipment and someone knowledgable to ask for advice. Our previous business involved trekking into u-pull-it auto wreckage yards, rummaging through bent up metal and glass to find certain models of cars, detaching their often stuck-on doors, and then crawling around undoing bolts beneath the seats to remove them. We would then clean, refurbish, and build them into office chairs complete with armrests and swivel bases, many of which we still own and sit on daily (I'm sitting on a late 80's Peugeot 505 as I type!). We were originally intending to sell them at another flea market. Unfortunately, they were too cost-prohibitive to produce at a fair price for our intensive labour in acquiring and building them.

We found the large chains to be pricey, and it was rare that we could find an employee who knew enough to help us purchase the right equipment. Luckily, one of our neighbours at the time was selling safety equipment, and he became invaluable to saving a great deal of time, money, and stress. We became friends, and when our chair business flunked, he helped set us up with a few dozen gloves to sell and some words of advice on breaking into the field. Three years later, we've snowballed the business into what it is today.


What's with the lion?

He's our mascot! We thought it fitting for a lion to represent a company named Lionsgate, no? His mane is hunter green because it's a favourite colour of Jesse's, and Audrey, who draws as a hobby, provides all the artwork of him.